Optimising your Financial Potential

What do we mean by the phrase ‘Optimising your Financial Potential’?

Every client we meet is unique; everyone’s personal financial situation is different. Some have high earnings whilst others don’t. Some have accrued wealth whilst others are only just beginning this phase of their lives.

As Financial Advisers we take the time to understand each clients situation and, perhaps  more importantly, their point of view, aspirations and requirements.

Simply earning money or having money is not enough; it’s how that money is put to work that is equally important.

We look to maximise all aspects of our clients’ financial arrangements to give them the best possible chance of achieving their financial goals in the short, medium and long term.  For example:

·        Coherent Strategy:  A well laid out plan/strategy should be at the heart of everyone’s financial arrangements.

·        Tax Efficiency:  Use of Tax Efficient Savings such as ISA’s to shelter any gains from the Tax Man

·        Cost Effectiveness: Ensuring that any insurance arrangements are relevant and giving best value for money

·        Risk & Return:  Matching our clients to funds that reflect their attitude to risk. Taking too much or too little risk can be very dangerous

·        Cost Effective borrowing:  making sure that when borrowing money, our clients do so at terms that best suit their needs

·        Regular review:  A regular review of all arrangements is essential to ensure that all areas remain relevant and suitable

We are not interested in seeing a client once and then setting them on their way. We work with our clients on a structured basis meeting with them regularly (usually annually) to review the strategies we have put into place. This allows our clients to convey any changes to circumstances and requirements allowing us to make any changes necessary at the same time as checking that arrangements made in the past remain suitable.

This is the BLM way.

This is why clients speak so well of us.


Optimising your Financial Potential